Pentanux almond trees dressed in hoar frost

A few days ago the almond trees of Pentanux appeared dressed in hoar frostthat meteorological phenomenon that fascinates us so much in this season of the year and that occurs in areas where there is fog, with temperatures dropping below 0ºC and the dew point below freezing point.

This is when tiny drops freeze on any surface, whimsically creating crystals or needles of soft ice, similar to snow.

The landscape becomes a true spectacle for our eyes, worthy of any fairy tale we dreamed of in our childhood.

Even though the cold is biting, life beats in the almond trees, crouched in the trunk and the bark of their branches, timidly manifesting itself in incipient buds, which wait for a change in temperature, to shake off their frosty dress and dress themselves in flowers full of white petals which, with their fragrance and exultant beauty, announce the departure of winter and the arrival of spring.

Maria Angeles García Hernández

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