Our story

Pentanux is the fruit of an innovative idea in the cultivation of almonds, using the Penta variety, created in 2007 by Federico Dicenta at CEBAS - CESIC in Murcia.


This variety needs exceptional conditions to develop its sweet and creamy taste, conditions known to the García - Hernández family, a family of farmers who in previous generations had cultivated the almond in a traditional way in dry land.

The current generation has considered moving this crop to a privileged irrigation area in the heart of the floodplains (Vega de Toro). Vega de ToroThis decision was made after a research work, which took into account the composition of the soil, the microclimate of this area of the Duero, the sustainability and respect for nature and the use of the most advanced technology for its cultivation. All of this influenced an innovative approach, unknown in the area, to the super-intensive cultivation of an extra-late variety on irrigated land, very much in keeping with the area and its climate conditions, a new variety in the world of almonds: the PENTA variety.