Productos y formatos

We are not only almond growers, in a sustainable way, of the new Penta almond variety but also transformers of our own product, which can be found in the following formats:

  • 90 g sachet
  • Package of 500 g
  • Package of 1 kg
  • Small box with 4 bags
  • Medium box with 8 bags
  • Big box with 12 bags
  • 150 g glass jar
  • Pentanux mini 40g (possibility for private label)
Pentanux packages in different languages
Small Pentanux bags with labels in different languages
Pentanux packages
Different sizes of Pentanux bags
Small box with 4 bags
Medium box with 8 bags
New recyclable glass format with 150 gr of our natural almonds.

Our product

Raw almonds, slowly dried for weeks to maintain its properties and characteristic flavor.

Where do we sell?

We sell our product in specialized delicatessen stores and fine food shops local in Spain , Denmark and Switzerland, also in restaurants and bars where it is positioned as a healthy and natural snack.


Our product fits the current market demand: being natural, having a high content of fiber and unsaturated fats.

This product is also highly appreciated by vegans and vegetarians.